Be a Successful Buyer (in a Crazy Seller's Market)

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Real Estate

This market is NUTS.  Are you wondering how to be successful in this craziness?  The most important way is for you and your realtor to become a collaborative, hard working singularly-focused team. How do we do that? You ask.  I’m about to tell you right now.

 First of all, your realtor needs to know that you are qualified to purchase a home and for how much.  They are asking you for your preapproval not because they don’t believe you when you say that you can afford a certain priced home.  It’s because the preapproval is a key component to the offer submission process.  If the realtor has that ahead of time, it’s one less item you have to obtain, allowing the offer to be submitted immediately.  In a seller’s market, a house is here today and gone tomorrow so buyers need to be ready to pounce on any house they like.  Send the preapproval to them as soon as they ask.

 Another important aspect in scheduling showings is for the Realtor to understand your schedule.  The Monday thru Friday 9-5 schedule are obsolete so let her know what days you have off, what times you go into or get out of work and what days that are completely off limits.  The more available you are, the better are your chances for seeing properties that generally sell in a matter of days.

 Lastly, your realtor is a juggler.  She is working with many clients at one time and trying to meet everyone’s schedule.  When you ask to see a property, there may be  5 other buyers asking to see other properties, all over RI and MA.  Your realtor is calling texting and emailing various listing agents to see when the properties can be seen.  It’s extremely important to respond to text messages quickly in order to finalize plans.

 Now you know what to do,  get out there and get yourself a house!