Be a Successful Seller (in a crazy Seller's Market

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“Selling my house is so easy in this market!”

Oh?  Ya think so?

It can be easy but only if you do things the right way.  I’m going to explain the right way!Yes, it’s true.  Most houses are selling very quickly.  But there are several qualities all these houses have and you need as well in order to be competitive even in this market.

 First off, pricing is essential.  you should not start at a list price that makes no sense.  You are much better off pricing it at market value or slightly below and allowing the buyers to drive the price up.  With this method of pricing, more buyers are interested in seeing the house and in making strong offers.  Pricing it high makes buyers think that the seller will not be negotiable which scares the buyers away.

 Condition is equally essential.  Paint the exterior, trim the shrubs, power wash the fence, re-stain the deck.  Rotting window trim? Replace it.  Gutters filled with leaves?  Clear them out.  When the buyer drives up, you don’t want them to assume there’s just too much to fix and drive away before even going inside.  And do the same with the condition of the interior.  Repair leaking pipes, paint the ceilings those leaks stained, and spackle til the cows come home.

 And don’t forget to stage the interior and it’s not that complicated.  You want the house to look clean, clear of debris and clutter and with unobstructed walkways.  Put extraneous furniture, knickknacks, and belongings you don’t use on a daily basis into storage.  Clothes need to be in dressers and closets, food and small appliances need to be off the counters. This may not be the way you normally live but it makes for a great first impression.

 Today’s buyers are looking for “move in ready homes”.  That does not mean perfect.  It means a home that they can see themselves moving into with minimal cost and even  less headaches.  These small preparation tips with make all the difference to the ideal buyer.

 Thanks so much for watching and I will see you next Monday.