Downsizing: Is it Time?

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Are you over 50?  Have your kids moved out of the house?  Is your house just too big?  Do the stairs make your knees hurt? Does vacuuming the entire house kill your back? Do you own a heating pad and use it regularly? Well, guess what?  It might be time to downsize!

I am over 50.  I am actually over 60 but don’t tell anybody.  My husband and I recently downsized from a 3500 square foot Cape Cod style home with stairs to my office and exercise room to a 1300 square foot one-level ranch and we are so happy with the move.

Pros and Cons of Downsizing
We learned a few things along the way that will be important to YOUR move so let’s go:

You are not looking for a good school district anymore so don’t feel that you need to be in a fancy suburb of PerfectTown USA.  You could move to a condo in the city where you can walk everywhere or you can move to a nice section of any  town and save yourself a ton of money.  You can drive, your friends know how to drive and trust me, they will visit you PLUS  you’ll make new friends in your new location.
Stairs get harder and harder to deal with so eliminate them from your life.  A low rise condo or a ranch style home is ideal for aging in place.  Remember, you can hire out for any jobs, like mowing and other home maintenance.
If you have chosen a condo, you may sometimes miss having a yard.  Be sure to look for a unit with a balcony, patio or small patch of grass where you can park yourself on beautiful sunny days.
Set aside a few  months leading up to putting your home on the market for decluttering.  Depending on how long you’ve lived in your current home, you could have mountains of useless stuff.  Throw out what’s broken or never used, give old toys to your children for their kids and sell anything decent at a yard sale.  Not the yard sale type? Donate them.  If you place an ad on Facebook for FREE anything, people will come in droves.  A clutter-free home is more appealing to buyers and sells more quickly.
Buy a home that needs only your personal touches.  The whole point of getting away from that big old house is to have less maintenance so don’t create MORE work for yourself. Painting walls and replacing a few ugly decor choices is quick and painless.  Try to not take on the expense of a new roof, heating system, or electrical wiring.  On the other hand, don’t only look for homes that are completely renovated either because you will be competing with every young couple hoping to buy.  Bidding wars are not for the feint of heart and you will end up paying way more than the list price.
Speaking of purchase price, remember that your income will not always be where it is today. Eventually you’ll be collecting a pension or social security check so be sure your monthly mortgage payment is low enough to afford in the future.
You can do this!

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