Providence or Boston?

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Real Estate

Is it your dream to live in a city rather than a suburban area? Since there are two major cities in our area, Providence and Boston. let’s take a look at which city is the best fit for your income and  lifestyle.

Do you like to cook and eat at home? Groceries in Providence will be only 5% lower than the same groceries in Boston.

Transportation, which includes transit fares, gas, auto insurance, and car repairs is 21% higher in Boston than in Providence.

The difference in the cost of utilities, mainly electricity, natural gas, and fuel oil,  between the 2 cities is only  1% higher in Boston

Health care premiums and hospital expenses for major surgeries will cost you 1% less in Boston than Providence.

Miscellaneous expenses such as home repairs, clothing, restaurants and entertainment is only 2.7% more in Boston.

However, the biggest expense is the cost of housing.  The median home price in Providence is in the low $200 thousands while the median price in Boston is slightly above $600,000. That’s a 287% difference!

Overall, living and working in Boston is 54.5% more expensive than in Providence.