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Are you planning on selling your house due to a break up or divorce?  Divorce is never easy even if both parties know it’s the right thing to do. Break ups and moving are probably two of the most stressful events in a person’s life and here you are, doing both of them at the same time. Good grief! The following are some tips on easing that stress!

One Person Should Stay in the Home
1. I know you’re both probably in a hurry to get started in your new life but one person should stay in the house.  A completely vacant home is more difficult to sell because it’s not as “homey” so unless you plan on leaving several main pieces of furniture, such as the living room set, table and chairs and a bedroom set,  decide ahead of time who will stay.

Price Matters
2. Agree on a price.  Meet together or individually with the realtor so she can explain what price makes sense and why.  A realtor uses comps to come up with a price so let her do her job. Your house cannot be compared to the “exact” house next door because no two homes are identical. Also decide how any other sale-related expenses are to be handled such as professional cleaner, repairs requested by buyers, etc. 

Schedule All Important Dates
3. Discuss closing dates well ahead of time, especially if one of you has vacation plans around the 45-60 day mark.  Closing documents cannot be signed digitally. You will both have to go to the attorney’s office, together or separately. Block out the dates that don’t work to avoid confusion later.

Hire a Realtor with Divorce-Selling Experience
4. Hire an agent who has experience with divorce situations.  It’s a completely different animal than selling for a married couple.  Should a buyer ask, make sure the realtor knows to say that the reason for your move is that you’re downsizing (it’s the truth) as opposed to that its a divorce situation which may cause a buyer to think they can get a deal due to the emotional stress. Yes, some people try to take advantage (gasp)!

Take it Slow
5. Try not to rush anything.  You were not married to the house and yes, although it holds special memories, those will still be with you. You will have photos to reflect upon (and yes, cry over) but this is an opportunity to start new traditions. It’s do-able, I promise.

I hope that helps and if you’d like more information on  handling a divorce sale, please watch this video where I dive a little deeper into the Divorce Selling.

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