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I know you love you some Zillow, but did you know that Zillow is more than just a well-designed website where you can scroll through pretty homes?  Yes, They have become a brokerage and with brokerages come agents.  That means that when you click on a house on the Zillow website, you will no longer be re-directed to a local agent but rather, you will be assigned a “Zillow Agent.” Want to know the difference between having your own Buyer Agent and having a Zillow agent show you homes that you click on? 

I agree with you that the Zillow website is beautiful and very user friendly.  But as any agent will tell you the information is often inaccurate especially that the homes are on the market when they’re not and what the home is worth, when that value is based on NOTHING .  Zillow now has it’s very own agents so let’s take a look at how that will work for you.

Zillow agents offer limited service

Traditional Buyer agents are full service agents.  They not only understand how to read the listing report but also have knowledge of or have researched the home, the neighborhood and the town.

Zillow Agents will be assigned to a house not a buyer.  Each house you ask to view will have a different Zillow agent.

Your Buyer agent will join you in viewing every house so comparing one to the other, knowing what homes will appeal to you based on your history and understanding your needs is just part of their job.

Zillow agents are generally rookie agents.  It’s an entry level position at a low percentage (of the purchase price) or hourly rate.

Buyers agents have experience  in working with buyers of different stages, understand how to negotiate on your behalf and what the process looks like.

Zillow agents know the price of the home they are showing you and they know the Zestimate which  is a price guess based on national averages.  Not from someone who has been in the house or the state.

Buyers agents will do comps (and you can learn more about comps in this video)  to make sure you’re not paying more for the house than it’s worth

Zillow agents work alone.  They are solo agents

A buyer agent has a team or colleagues at their fingertips.  Any question they don’t know the answer to immediately they can get very quickly.

Zillow agents are a one and done agent

Buyers agents build a relationship with you and are your go-to source for any follow ups.  This can be anything from recommendations for tradespeople to when is the right time to up or downsize to your next home and everything in between.

But the most important reason why Zillow is not the best company to work with is

Zillow takes all the information that you input, analyzes your needs based on that info and your behavior and makes assumptions about you and your lifestyle.

Think about how many times you’ve thought about buying a pair of boots and your Facebook page is then inundated with boot options.  That’s not a coincidence.  Zillow takes your data and its analytics and shares it with everyone.  You think your feed blows up now?  Wait!

To sum it up Zillow agents work in a silo and don’t have the means to collaborate with other agents.  When you hire a buyers agent, we scan all options and opportunities to present homes that you may have never considered.  We can do all this because we have a personal connection to you, understand your lifestyle and needs and are knowledgeable about the communities we service. A robot such as Zillow, relies on algorithms to send you homes that “match your search criteria”.

So that’s the scoop on Zillow! Buyer Agents are your very best tool when buying a home especially in a competitive market and best of all, they are free to you!

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